Feb 3, 2020

Yesterday. Boat Wreck to Aussie Sunset and Elon Musk

This is what's left after 36 hours. A 42ft charter boat went up on the rocks around Mauao on Friday night. Right below the lighthouse (seriously)!
Here is a picture and story on Stuff

 Near sunset. The air is filled with smoke from Australian bush fires.
 Later just after sunset.
 At 10.10pm this trail of satellites from Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink program Falcon 9 rocket that launched from Cape Canaveral USA a few days prior. Apparently the rocket carried a large number of small communication satellites and what we are seeing here is them beginning to spread out. They only appeared briefly and faintly firing from East to West in the southern sky. Not an easy image to capture.

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