Jan 25, 2020

Wairere Falls Kaimai Range

Hell of a walk this one. Right out of the car and up 420 meters climb over 3.5k's with some of it almost vertical.
I guess it depends on how fast you climb it. We did it under half the stated time required and that probably explains the extreme amount of sweat I had to cope with. Frankly this is about my limit now a days for exercise. Rob did it a lot easier than me.
Highlights of the walk are the amazing rocks and beautiful; bush at the top. The falls were not exactly pumping seeing we are in the middle of a drought.

This is the river bed while close bye are rocks that are 10 times this big.
 Rob near the top and falls over the edge in the distance toward the West
 Looking East back up the river bed at the top.
 The old boy with the Waikato plains in the distance

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