Oct 28, 2019

Cross Country

I always get a window seat when going cross country in the US.
I can spend the 4 hours plus just glued to the window.
Here are few fairly average phone pics.
St Louis to Chicago
Look closely to see the silver arch in downtown St Louis in this shot

 Over the Mississippi River
 Hundreds of miles of farmland as we head north east
 Closer to Chicago continuous farmland
 Into Chicago area with Lake Michigan (the third largest of the great lakes) in the background and O'Hare airport in the middle.
I have been out on the lake and seriously its like being on an ocean.
O'Hare airport. Massive and crazy!
 The downtown area is alongside the lake otherwise its a very flat landscape

 When leaving O'Hare another queue. Air travel is all about getting in line and being patient. It can be seriously aggravating at times.

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