Jan 24, 2019


We took a quick trip which included a stop in Whanganui. Frankly, I was not expecting much as it has a reputation for being a big crime town. Checking on the internet confirmed that with 7000  burglaries reported in the last 10 years surveyed. Info
Anway we spent a few really rewarding hours there and looked around town and the residential areas. As well we checked out the industrial area. I want to go back and see more especially to check out some of the outdoor attractions.
Some of the old homes there are lovely and I suspect expensive in today's market. 
I took the pics below with my phone as we walked through the main street.
 Art decor frontages is a feature in town. You can feel some history here.

Even the alleyways have been tidied up
 Center of town
 This cracked us up. A deserted industrial building.
 After a day in the car, Rob relaxes in this monster chair and now wants one!

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