Sep 5, 2018

Tauranga Is Growing

Our place is growing in hidden places.
Go check out the Tauriko Business Estate.
This is an industrial development close to the housing area called the lakes.
I was looking for a view of our new warehouse and drove up on to the newer plateau area and was shocked to see this enormous building in fully functional mode. It's the MPAC building. A kiwifruit cool-store and packing facality.
This view is only 2/3rds of the length.
 The view of the lower area of the development. Sorry does not do it justice.
But 5 years ago there was nothing here!
 Oh and I also got a shock at this street name in the same plateau area.
Seriously the street names in this development are damned difficult.
For example our warehouse is in Whakakake St off of Taurikura Dr!
Our visitors are already confused and we have to keep spelling the address out.
Surely there must have been shorter more memorable names available like Tui Cr or Browns Rd....

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