Aug 21, 2018

Christchurch Visit

Down for a three day conference but had a spare hour to wander with the handy phone cam.
So just in case you have not been down recently. The earthquake is never far from your mind. The evidence is everywhere and still just below the surface with locals. They live with the ramifications, challenges and opportunities daily.

Out of the hotel room window. The old wood structure still in good shape but the new houses in this part of town are two story boxes with a semi flat roof. They look like they would be somewhat earthquake resistant.
 Typical of new construction. All steel bones.
 The original cathedral still looking very sad. The local pigeons are more than happy.
 Lots of cool art works around the town.
Especially in and around the arts centre in the former University of Canterbury which is the base of the arts center. The few pics below might give a feel for the Gothic architecture which is now the base for shops, cafes and art galleries and studios.

 So Canterbury.
Outside the lovely old tram that runs on a circuit around the cities central attractions.
 Boating (punting) on the Avon still a hit with the visitors
 Typical in the old downtown area. Empty lots (demolished building sites), and a mix of old and new construction. It will be many years till the CBD comes fully back to life.
But we had a great time in between formal confreence sessions. Dinners out were amazing, we had a hell of a good night at the golf driving range following right along after the whisky tasting session!
The people we encountered at every venue were simply awesome. Friendly, helpful and ready to make your experience something special.
 The cardboard cathedral
The large tubes are resin coated cardboard. Actually this structure is amazing. Check it out if you are there.
It was closed when we went there but I tried too get a shot from the inside via the front window.

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