Jun 20, 2018

Hamilton Zoo

With G and two of her class mates we headed off to the zoo as part of a school outing.
Weather was ok, not flash but not bad.
After roll call at school we headed off and called into the BP on the way and ordered our drinks for the road.
The girls with a very vocal parrot.
 Heading to the Rinos' 

 Decision time at the vending machine
 Really? The girls loved these pigs!
 Especially this little guy

 So graceful and gentle
 Not so graceful and gentle! But very awesome
 This is what you do for your mates when they are shattered from too much walking (we were lost....)
 A slight attitude after not finding the chimps enclosure for the 'special' presentation the zoo had arranged.
Overall many of the animals seemed to be quietly sleeping or hiding away.
But it was a change from all of our day to day stuff.
I enjoyed just being there with the girls they got on so well and no drama's

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