Apr 20, 2018

From The Old Album

Circa 1956
We moved from Nelson to Tauranga circa 1955 where dad (Ken) was able to get work in his trade as a painter and paper hanger. We, all five of us,  traveled from Nelson to Tauranga in a Morris 8. Dad's
new boss had an old converted army hut set up on his land on Beach Rd Otumoetai (see 1 in pic below). That was to be our new home. Must have been a hell of a shock for mum as they had a new home in Nelson, which incidentally, they had had to sell and move to rental out at the Glen not long before the move north. Times were tough for them after the war.
As dad got into his new job he also built a house on the bosses land (see 2 below). Fairly basic but better than an old army hut!
This picture shows dad working in the garden. The house is clearly not finished yet. 
For locals they will notice Matakana island on the horizon.
For us kids it was a good time living on the beach.
Funny thing,  one of my most vivid memories was going outside one night to watch the Russian satellite Sputnik 1 cross over our night sky. This was in October 1957.
The 50's/60's were peak cold war years and mum thought it was the beginning of the end once Russia got this object into space over our heads.

Sputnik 1

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