Apr 17, 2017

Easter 2017

After surviving the storms the week leading up to Easter it was great to see the kids and have some fun.
Dark clouds build up on the Waikato side of the Kaimai mid week.
 After 30 years of withstanding high westerly winds the storm took our only tree out.
We were evacuated at the time due to our low lying situation on the harbours edge.
Robyn got a hell of a shock when a large policeman arrived at the door all in fluro and told her we should grab our important documents and leave.

The annual easter egg hunt. This year I hid 10 numbers around the park that the kids had to find.
Posts and seats was the only clue.
This is G finding one of the numbers.
Looking, mostly at the camera...

 Later, Thomas.
 Egging out
 Already sugared up
 T as well.
Earlier in the day, Jay with his tiger face on.

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