Jan 13, 2017

Spot Of Golf

Just a small taste of how the other half lives.
Wairaki Golf Course Taupo.
Rob and I left Tauranga early, had breakfast at the famous 'Sweet Rose Cafe' in Tokoroa (you need to do that...) then on to Taupo for the golf.
We arrived early, checked out Huka falls then got to the course and sussed out the protocols and rules etc. Actually nice people, relaxed atmosphere and very nice facilities.
Everything easy, no stress until you hit that first ball and then the stress is all self induced as was mine....
Rob played well. I played NOT well but enjoyed the entire experience despite being crook and trying to cough up my bloody lungs!
At the end of the 4 hours round (with carts) we sat on the balcony of the club house and had a nice late lunch like a couple of spoilt brats.
Rob with cart 15
 Me same!
 Bit hard to see here but the elevated tees are a feature at Wairaki as is sand. Strange little beaches all over the course. We checked most of them out....
 Beautiful setting with a a St Andrews like stone bridge.
Not long after this on another hole we were surprised with the appearance of a beautiful proud deer that appeared out of the surrounding bush and proceeded to graze on the low hanging leaves of one of the trees later we saw a group of four. Of course Wairaki is not only a golf course its a wild life sanctuary.

The Huka falls stop. Later that day a young guy went down these falls on a body board. A really crazy guy. This is seriously dangerous water. There is a Youtube video.

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