Jul 25, 2016

Nice Little Story. Jay & Pop.

So most Sundays Jay and I end up on the streets around town. He loves to run about (usually with shoes on!) and look into shop windows at all the exciting stuff. The clock window in one of the jewellers holds a special facination.
So last Sunday we were doing our thing and I took a couple of phone pics (below)
when we noticed an elderly gentleman whizzing toward us on a mobility scooter.
He ground to a halt right next to us and began waving his hands around and pointing to us.
Typically (and shamefully) my natural instinct was to blow him off as a nutter!
However after a moment I could see he was trying to say something (with his hands)
I finally figured out he wanted to take my phone and use it to take a picture of both Jay and I together.
Once I got with the program his face lit up.
When he handed back the phone I realised he had not taken one shot he had taken a burst of 30 shots! Funny.
I keep kicking myself for not taking his photo.

 This is one of thirty identical shots taken by the mystery mobility scooter guy.
Thanks mate....

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