Jun 29, 2016


Had a few days at Broadbeach including work.
Cold, sunny, rain, windy, hot out of the wind when the sun was out!
Lots of construction work going on to prep for the 2018 commonwealth games, impressive.
Highlights for me were walking on the beach, family time, my little mate J, a lovely apartment in Synergy, shopping at the new Pacific Fair (did I say that shopping word?) and shooting live rounds with a bloody powerful 44 magnum pistol.
Lowlights were Jupiters Casino where we were asked to leave because kids are not allowed in the bar there after 6. So we left (4 adults) and there was no one left! But more than that the place is dead as far as non gambling entertainment is concerned. A big contrast to times past.
Next lowlight was losing my iPad but some honest person handed it in. So really thats a highlight.
Biggest bummer was catching a virus and three of us got sick and are still sick.
Oh and we got the work done as well.
Ok so here are a few photos from my iPhone.
Looking down on Broadbeach area from 21 stories up
 Early morning walking to Surfers
 Our view toward NZ. We could see the sea...just....
 Looking north toward Surfers from the room
 Stunning new buildings at Surfers
 On the Carousel with J. A bad selfy
 It's like Miami

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