May 8, 2016

Mothers Day...What To Do?

It dosent seem to matter how old you get you never forget your mum.
So I took to the Mount this morning at sunrise and thought about the old days and life with mum (and dad of course). The one thing that sticks in my mind is that mum was mostly a really happy and positive person who never stopped encouraging us kids and praising all the little achievements.
She was never grumpy or moody (she got bloody mad at times but we drove her to that place..)
She had a tough life by todays standards but way better than her parents and so it goes I guess.
I think us kids were lucky to have mum in our lives and we mostly see the positive side of life and try to be encouraging to people we encounter along the road.
So they were my thoughts as I enjoyed the beautiful misty sunrise from on top of Mauao this morning.
Thats mum with fag in hand and with me in front with bottle and our old Morris
 On the track
 Misty sunrise

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