Sep 14, 2015

Those Bloody Lights

For thirty years we have been privilaged (and taxed) to enjoy an unimpeded view of the park, harbour and the Kaimai range from the front rooms and lawn of our home. We loved and appreciated it daily.
Then one day these giant nails appeared all over the park (this is early morning in that pristine light).
View gone! But hold it this is something we just have to suck up in the name of sport and the community. Ok deep breath and move on....
 But hold it, that night they turned on these nails and behold blinding light!
I mean blinding. Our homes along the park and two streets back were illuminated in stage quality bright lights. Curtains and blinds were transparent to the extreme wattage these babies emmitted.
 Now we are not ones to complain and we never did.
Luckily one of our more vocal and local activists did speak up and a few weeks later they rejigged the lights to be less intrusive at night.
But by day to me they are brilliant silver nails that have been driven all over our beautiful vista.
I know in time we will see past them and get back to the real beauty of where we live. The human brain is an amazing creation when it comes to seeing past things you don't want to see.

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