Aug 2, 2015

Shoot Me I Have Been To Foxton

On the way to Wellington from Tauranga you pass by the Foxton township turnoff.
We took it!
So this is your typical provincial town in New Zealand?
I have driven past the turnoff for at least 40 years but this time I could not resist the inviting signage .
I am sure the locals will have a totally different perspective to my impression and Foxton has a lovely west coat beach but the town is somehow not connected.
In a nutshell it was a very depressing sojourn. 
However I wanted to capture some of the sights that you can expect to see if you take the turnoff that we did.
New World Super Market! (New?)
 Several second hand places in town.
 Definitely the most entertaining
 Movie museum. The first building you see coming in from the north.

 Welcome to our world
 The pub. No letters posted here.
 Looks like tram overhead wires but it can't be because where are are the rails?

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