May 5, 2014

Gate Pa. Tauranga April 29th 1864

I spent my childhood and early adult life living in Gate Pa Tauranga (23 years). I never really knew much about the history of the battles that had been fought there in the mid 1800's  except that our home was built where the old stables had been established for the various Pakeha (British) army regiments'.
Over the last month or so the battle of Gate Pa has been recognised with the establishment of a substantial memorial on the church grounds opposite the Gate Pa tennis courts on Cameron Rd. Well worth a visit. The history is unfolded to you via plaques spaced along the walkway in the church grounds. But the most stunning feature to me are the beautiful carvings alongside Cameron Rd and up near the church. Well worth a visit and for people like me who live of have lived in the area it's almost compulsory.
I did learn the origin of the name Gate Pa. It came about from the Maori Pa that sat alongside a gate in a boundary fence line. Who would have guessed?
Below are a few pictorial examples of what you can see.


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