Mar 9, 2014

Family News Update (Italian Connection now English Connection)

Antonio Wett Link to his story
Some time back I posted about the Italian connection we have as a family via my grandmother on my mothers side. However it was never confirmed that in fact Antonio (and wife Filistea) were in fact her parents. Filistea's single name was Frost and she came to NZ with her first husband Thomas Durham and their daughter Lydia (born 1865 in Northam, Devon, England). Filistea married Antonio after Thomas Durham died in Nelson NZ.
My grandmother, Agnes Leohnora Reed (nee Wett) pictured below was brought up by Antonio and Filistea  as their child but recent information from relatives in Nelson confirm our suspicions that her real parents were Filistea's daughter, Lydia Durham and an unknown father.
Thomas Durham (Lydia's father) has an interesting history including service in the British Navy and serving on the HMS SHANNON at the freeing of Lucknow (India) and then at the battle for the Crimea (in the news currently).
My guess now and supported by input from relatives (but no paperwork) is that we have no blood line to Antonio. In summary it looks like Lydia is my great grandmother and Thomas Durham is my great great grandfather. The Italian connection is now the English connection.

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