Jan 10, 2014

Plant Based Diet Update

Over three years ago Robyn and I embarked on a life saving (hopefully) change in diet.
I had been diagnosed with two blocked coronary arteries that could not be stented.
This diagnosis came as a hell of a shock as we/ I had led a very healthy lifestyle for most of our adult life (Exercise a plenty, Mediterranean diet)
Then one day out of the blue....chest pain. It literally stopped me in my tracks!
Many medical experiences later we were left with meds as the only option as far as doctors were concerned.
However our own research found that there was another way even reversal! A plant based diet. 
ch)Within a few weeks of following this advise I was back riding my bike and doing all the things I love to do.
Dr Esselstyn's book we follow LINK
The challenge of our new way of eating was significant. Robyn, bless her, was fully on board. For her it meant a hell of a big change in that all her "famous" food recipes  loved by the family and me were out the door.
A long story short we now eat well and tastefully thanks to what we have learnt from the people in the medical profession like Dr Esselstyn.
In the last few days I found this web site and have included it here as I believe this approach may become the approach in future. It is slightly less demanding than our current approach and way more realistic for most people in my opinion.
Take a look and decide for yourself. If time is short just take a look at the conclusions.

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