Oct 9, 2013

William C Daldy

A night trip on this beautiful old (and now unique) steam tug was a real experience thanks to the team that run, maintain and cherish her. Under her own steam she left Scotland (built there in 1935) and headed out down under to Auckland. One statistic that has stayed with me re this voyage is that it took some 85 days and she required one ton of coal each hours to keep the boilers making enough steam to power her across the planet.
Cast off
 Ready to roll
 Backs up
 Off down the harbour
 BBQ in progress
 Passing by the Cloud
 Just a handful of the many gauges on board
 Engine room action

 View south from the deck
 On the bridge as we approach the Auckland Harbour Bridge
 Bridge and City
 Kathy tends the bar and takes a break between demand. She proudly tells me about the many years she has been involved with the Willian C Daldy project.

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  1. Looks like we enjoyed the experience so it was our pleasure to have you aboard.