Jun 15, 2012

Una & Jack

My Auntie Una (Mum's sister) and  my Uncle Jack.
Both over 6ft tall and for those days that was a noticeable height.
Two of the coolest people in my young life.
With no kids of their own we came in for a lot of spoiling over many years. They lived in Nelson we lived in Tauranga. My parents never had the means but Una & Jack would shout us down on holidays for weeks on end. Una was artistic (kind of shows) worked at Griffins for years and could be outrageous to the point of extreme embarrassment for us kids. Jack was a great cook and an experienced barman and did weddings and stuff like that. He was head barman at the Nelson RSA for many years. These guys knew almost everyone in Nelson and most mornings, when they lived right in town, all sorts of visitors would drop in for a coffee. Yes coffee. Almost non existent in those day in NZ.
They loved dogs in their early years and had two large labs (Shot and Spot).
We talk about them and remember them fondly, often.

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