Apr 17, 2012

Reeds. 109 Years As An Unmarked Grave

This my Great Grand mother and my Grandfather.
While this is a humble headstone the story behind it may be of interest to my family.
Robyn and I set out years ago to find the graves of my mothers family in Nelson. I had a rough idea from childhood memories. When we finally found the plot it was unmarked and in bad shape. I recall my mother saying she had a wish and that was to put a headstone on her fathers (John Henry) grave. So she obviously knew it was unmarked. But as a family we left Nelson in 1957 and moved to Tauranga. Money was something other people had and I guess my parents had other things to spend their modest income on. Like five kids for example!
So it was our joy to finally mark the graves of these two important and remembered ancestors.
One for you mum.

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  1. Ellen Reed was also my Great Great Grandmother. It is nice to see her, and her son remembered.