Oct 8, 2011

Ships Hit Local Reefs 1959 and 2011

Taken from Mauao (Mt Maunganui) top photo shows distance from northern end of Motiti Island (Right) to the container ship the Rena (small dot on the left) which went aground on to the reef Astrolabe last week and now oil is leaking and locals are extremely concerned about the pollution potential. She is well grounded and salvage attempts are being organised now. In my opinion a very slow response.
This brings back memories for me when I was a young kid living in Tauranga when in 1959 a Norwegian freighter the Golden Master hit the reef Okaparu (not far from Astrolabe) and ripped a hole in the hull but was able to keep steaming toward Tauranga and the Captain drove it aground on the Matakana bar where it stayed for a couple of weeks till it could be repaired. I remember it sitting there like it was yesterday.
Click on this link (scroll to pages 14 and 15) takes you to a blog that has a picture and brief story. 
 Image quality is poor as this was highly enlarged from 300mm telephoto shot I took at the same time as the picture above

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