Oct 15, 2011

Rena and The Mount Beach

Good news. Early this morning Rob and I went up the Mount (Mauao) to take some shots from the same spot as last time. It was a very hazy morning with a North Westerly wind. The shot below shows (kind of) The Rena on the left and the bunker barge Awanuia (right) which is getting readied to pump the 1300 tons of bunker fuel that remains on the wrecked container ship.
Meanwhile shore side the beach right from the Mount beach to the end of Papamoa is looking surprisingly good. The clean up teams and volunteers have done a stunning job. The high tide is expected to bring more oil and I suspect the cleanliness of the beach is superficial and oil residues will be there for some time yet.
Broken containers litter one part of the beach and these are under guard but you can see clearly one of the containers was insulated and all the foam lining has broken up. This has been found all around the foreshore and inner harbour.

 Clean Me written in the sand at the main beach
 Looking East toward Papamoa. Very misty from salt spray.

 Another blurry tele shot taken of the Rena from the end of Papamoa.

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