Mar 13, 2011

Day 80 Plant Based Diet

It's now more of a life style than a diet as such. Health wise all seems good. Blood pressure is down, now hitting figures like 116/65 in the mornings (way down on this time last year). Weight around 71.5kgs (down from 80kg's).
Strength and energy seem fine for an old guy!
Robs also doing really well with her health and the cooking side of things. I am off to Asia for a few days in a couple of weeks that will be interesting, Going with Singapore airlines and have ordered special food. Never done that before. God knows what I will get. Off to the GP next week. I have not seen him since last year when he told me the targets the cardiologist had set were unnatural. But we hit these weeks ago,
Rode my bike today up 4 steep hills, Really pleasing. Yesterday on the bike I held 75 to 80% (max 90%) heart rate for 1hr 10min all good no problems. So fingers crossed we are on the right track.

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