Feb 12, 2011

No Face No Mother

Just found someone else in New Zealand that is starting on a Plant Based Diet program.
The guys name is Mike and if you look to the left side of this blog under "Check this site out" you will see a site link called No Mother No Face. Click on it to go to Mike's site. He started on the first of Feb.
Should be interesting to compare progress. Although he is young and does not have health issues. Non the less we will be keen to read his comments and how he copes.


  1. Hi Mike - it's Mike from www.NoFaceNoMother.com here.
    It's great to see another kiwi is blogging about their plant-based diet!
    It looks like things are going really well for you.
    I'll check back here form time-to-time to see how things are going - and see what new discoveries you've had.

    Did you hear Esselstyn's RadioNZ interview last November? Or stumble across his research on the internet?

  2. Mike I first got on to this way of life as a result of reading the China Study having been diagnosed with CAD. This lead to a general internet search about plant based diets. This opened up a new world for us.
    Cheers and thanks.