Feb 8, 2011

My Priorities Triangle at 60+

I was talking to a friend the other day and life's priorities came up in the context of ageing (or in other words now that you are an old guy what are the important things in life and how would you rate them now?)
Well thanks a lot....friend. But when I tried to explain my thoughts it came out a little garbled so I made this triangle to explain my thinking.
I am never popular when I explain my family does not come first.
The logic goes like this.
I am no use to anyone if I don't have my health.
I need my health to work and I need my work to provide for my family and our future.
Then comes family and their needs and our relationships.
Then its play time.
This has been my thinking supported by Robyn for most of our married life.
I hope I got it right!
When I was a kid this thing was probably inverted if it even existed and later in those teenage years, my guess now, is that it was more like a ball with all this stuff mixed up in a slush of beer, cars and parties!
Ain't life grand?

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