Jan 4, 2011

Day 12 Plant Based Diet

That's right plant based! No meat, fish, chicken, dairy, nuts, or Avocado for 12 days. My body is in total reform and I guess, shock. My weight is dropping (2kgs) and I don't want that to go too far. I am finally coming to grips with the fact that this is a long term strategy to halt and reverse (hopefully) the build up and blockages they found in some of my coronary arteries. A few observations so far. All I think about when I am not doing anything is food. Not wanting to eat but wondering what the hell we will have for dinner that will give us the nutrition we (Robyn and I ) need. It is obsessing me right now. I think this is part of the change process and we are buying books to help. Robyn has not had a lot of free time lately but I know she will make a great job of what she does so stunningly well.....making our food. (See there I go again).
Actually I am feeling quite good the positives are that my taste has changed and I am liking clean tastes more. I am less hungry and I still seem to have the strength for my weights work out no problem. On the negative this diet has reved up my gut issues (reflux) but I am hoping this will all settle back.
An example of a days food. Breakfast = Uncooked Rolled oats, a Date, Prune and three fruits with water. I know that sounds ghastly but its really nice and filling. Lunch = Wholegrain bread (no butter or oil) with sliced Beetroot and Canned Asparagus on top. Dinner = Vegetarian Chili.
More as we progress.

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