Dec 30, 2010

Seeing now I am looking!

At day 6 now with this new plant based diet. Not easy but not too bad either.
I continue to seek confirmation or strong arguments for the direction we are taking. But the harder I look the more support there seems to be.
Just over the past couple of days new announcements are rolling out.
Here are two examples.
The Cleveland Clinic (USA) must have previously have taken a negative position on plant based diets now they have published a communication saying they have changed their position. Here is an extract
The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet A growing body of research links vegetarian eating patterns to a long list of health advantages, such as LOWER:
Risk of developing heart disease.

Risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure).

Total and LDL cholesterol.

Body weight and risk for obesity.

Risk of developing certain cancers (like colon and breast).

Risk of developing diverticular disease and other digestive disorders.
That's a fairly profound statement and here is the link LINK
Business Week on the 28th of December 2010 in their health week article came out and recognised the fact that drugs alone simply won't do the job of dealing with cardiac disease and said this
"That point of view seems to be bolstered by new evidence that using cholesterol-lowering drugs won't necessarily help a person who hopes to avoid heart disease.
British researchers who pooled and re-analyzed data from 11 cardiovascular studies found that taking statins did not reduce cardiac deaths among people who had not developed heart disease."
Here is the LINK
Looks to me like there is a global awareness that's gathering momentum.
For someone in my situation where I want to try and reverse a condition Robyn and I are taking the hard road to try and get the results. Explaining what we are embarking on is best left to the expert and here is the link to a YouTube video. Warning its long. YouTube Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof

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