Dec 26, 2010

A Healthy Future

BIG THINGS are happening in the field of nutrition. I was shocked to find out that as a result of my recent diagnosis of coronary artery disease and my subsequent research to find a "solution" that there is one!
The first clue came from a work colleague who lent me his family copy of "The China Study".
Since then I have spent hours on the web and now have a totally new, science based, perspective on diet.
There is a body of people, organisations and science that is supportive of a fully plant based diet.
Do your own research. Check it out. I will post more links soon. This movement toward plant based nutrition (a total commitment by the way) will be the basis of a film to be shown in early next year called Forks over Knives. Here is the LINK to the movie web site and a promotional video that may wet your appetite (sorry about that) to research further.

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