May 3, 2010

Family History Photo's

 Agnes Leohnora on the left. My Grandmother. (Mum's mother) This is the first picture I have seen of her when she was relatively young. I knew her when she was older. She is with her daughter Lilly.

Antonio Wet or Wett (see story elsewhere on the blog) he was Agnes Leohnora's adoptive father. This was a fact that was not well known in our family. As far as we were all concerned he was her real father. Antonio was good friends with the Reeds.

Agnes Pauline was Antonio and Filistea Wett's daughter and Agnes Leohnora's "adoptive sister".
Actually Agnes Leohnora is thought to be Antonio's wife, Filistea's, daughters child to a previous marriage.
But to keep it simple and in line with family Agnes Pauline and Agnes Leohnora were sisters and they both ended up married to two brothers William and Jack Reed. 

This is William or Billy Reed. My grandfather John (Jack) Henry's brother. Or mum's brother in law.
He married Agnes Pauline Wett. Check out the Reed wrinkles......

Mum's brothers. (Sons of John Henry and Agnes Leohnora) Harry (sitting) and Lou.
Both died of TB

   Lilly and Lou Reed (brother and sister)

Lilly Reed

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