Mar 9, 2010

James Reed died in November1876

James Reed my GG Grandfather (Born in France. Story has been posted previously)
Click on the title to see a newspaper comment from 1876. Or read below.

One of our earliest settlers in the person of James Reed, residing at Stokes's Point, has just past away at the good old age of 84 years, and was buried on Saturday, Nov. 25, at the North Shore. Mr. Reed settled amongst the Maoris in the early days of the colony, and had by a native wife, taken from one of the Northern tribes, several children. The eldest has reached the age of 48 years. In former days Mr. Reed worked the ferryboat betwecn Auckland and Stokes's Point, but from growing infirmities was compelled in late years to resign the post. Many of his children are married amongst European settlers.

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