Sep 24, 2009

Football season over for 2009

Phew! what a season.
So what the hell have I done all winter out there on the park?
As all you family members know I am seldom seen on Saturdays between 2pm and 5pm . This is when I get out on to the football field and shoot pictures of games . Then I am lost in the computer room for another 3 or more hours processing all the images.
I like to try and capture the peak of action. Its a challenge and its enjoyable and very good practice. Usually after two games I will have up to 150 shots (I don't used multi frame sequences. All single shots)
After processing I send a package of selected shots of each game to the web site manager for the OFC (Club web site), burn a disc of all the shots for the overall games organiser and maybe send off individual shots to people who have asked for them.
The teams I have followed this year have been all the senior mens teams from the Otumoetai Football club and the Bethlehem Boys 1st XI.
I always get asked why do you do this?
Well its enjoyable, its photography, its giving back to the community just like all the people around out there who help and encourage sporting activities and make them happen. It never ceases to amaze me just how generous people can be with their time and energy in particular when it comes to helping our kids into sport. I am also amazed at the commitment and conviction of some of the more senior people who play football.
Its not all niceness and joy out there. Some of the things I see and hear just can't be put on this blog!
I still don't understand the game!
I enjoy and appreciate the people I have met through taking football photos and they continue to try and explain all the little quirks and regulations of the game to me. Poor them!
Here are a couple of the teams from 2009.

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