Apr 3, 2009


Pauline (mum) left us in the 80's. Permanently...get it!
She was a character.
Loved fishing as did her father (Fisherman)and his father and his father (a whaler in fact)
Us "kids" would all enjoy her tales of the sea. Stories that had been passed down to her and ones from her own experiences with her dad. She literally fished till the day she died!
But there was more to Pauline than that. She raised 5 children under lean and trying times but we could always have a good laugh with her and as raging teenagers coming home as the sun was coming up she would gladly cook us up a feed when we stumbled in through the door. We all miss her.

With Ken, husband for life (Dad)

That's her on the left in what I think is either a school
uniform or basketball gear.

Right hand row. Third back from the left.
Army days. Marching with gas mask gear on front and
see the steel helmet on the back.
How come those hats never fell off their heads??

1974 after one of her MANY fishing ventures.
She fished off Sanfords wharf in Tauranga using
handlines and had more success than most game boats!!

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