Mar 17, 2009

Extreme Bravery

My mother, Pauline Reed at the time (picture below) told me a story one day when we were looking at some Harvard aircraft (picture below)
She explained when she was in the WAAC's Women's Auxiliary Army Corps in Christchurch and Blenheim during WWII that she was part of a team that fired live shells at drogues towed by Harvards'....WHAT?
Her role was on the Predictor. This device is used to calculate the distance to the target and to fuse the shell!
So yes some hapless pilot drew a short straw to tow a target past these "gunning" women who open fired with live rounds.
Bloody hell. Who were those pilots?
Seriously though the WAAC's were an important part of our military history and we are all proud of the fact that while dad was in North Africa and Italy getting shot and blown up (yes he was wounded several times once badly) mum was here in NZ firing at friendly just kidding we are proud.

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