Feb 17, 2009


The blog is now on its own domain. Its easier to remember.

But here is the story behind the name. Hey its not easy to think up a meaningful web site name as there are literally millions if not billions out there already.

In November 1841 my great great grandfather (John O'Sullivan) arrived by ship in Nelson from England..yes but he was Irish . He was working for the New Zealand Company who had the task to set up NZ (or was it just Nelson?) as a British colony. The ships name was Will Watch.

A few months later in 1842 his wife and children arrived on another ship the Lloyds. A hell trip by all accounts.

Nelson celebrates their founding pioneers and have dedicated an area on their water front for plaques that tell the story of the many ships and their passengers who arrived from the other side of the world to start a new life.
I can't imagine how hard that era must have been.
You can see the plaque details better if you click to open the bigger image. Enjoy.

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