Jan 29, 2009

Mt Ruapehu day trip

Needing a change we decided to go to Ruapehu for the day.
It was to be a casual drive up the mountain and maybe lunch at one of the cafes. But before we knew it we were over 2000m up the mountain walking up past Knoll ridge! This is where large pockets of snow remain even at this stage of summer. Here are a few shots with more to follow.

Well worth a trip. Ski lifts are $21 per person. Plenty of walking to do if you like. Most people there had strong boots and were dressed for the mountain. While we were scrambling over scoria and rubble on our way to the snow area I suddenly noticed Robyn had her handbag!! It got a few looks from passing trampers. Wonder why?

Later we had lunch at the Chateau and a look around. Its lovely inside and one of the pictures shows the view from one of the small seating areas.

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